Lemon Brussel Sprouts with Bacon Pangritata

By Masterchef winner
Steven Wallis

Serves 6
30 mins 
Sulphites, Dairy, Gluten

Utensils & Essentials

Large shallow pan, kitchen paper.

Allergens: Sulphites, Dairy, Gluten.

For the Brussels sprouts:
600g Brussel sprouts
2/3 garlic cloves, chopped
100ml white wine
100ml chicken stock pot
fresh thyme
50g butter
1 lemon (for the zest)
Olive oil (not supplied)
For the pangritata:
200g bacon lardons
ciabatta roll
fresh parsley

How to make

Lemon Brussel Sprouts with Bacon Pangritata
Cut brussels sprouts in half. In a large shallow pan, heat olive oil over a medium heat. Add brussel sprouts, then some chopped garlic cloves and cook until lightly caramelised. 
Add wine and deglaze the pan. Stir in the chicken stock paste, along with fresh thyme and seasoning. Cover the pan and simmer for 10-12 minutes or until sprouts are tender.
Uncover and reduce any residual liquid. Add in the butter and grate some lemon zest from the lemon. Transfer to a serving dish and keep warm.
In the same cooking pan, cook the bacon lardons until crispy and the fat has rendered. Drain the cooked bacon pieces on kitchen paper, and reserve enough fat to lightly coat the bottom of the pan.
Finely chop the ciabatta roll into fine pieces. Toast in the bacon fat until you have crispy and golden breadcrumbs.
Finely chop the cooked bacon lardons and mix through the breadcrumbs. Add the parsley (or any other fresh herbs of your choice such as rosemary or chives). Sprinkle the pangritata over the lemony braised sprouts.
Serve and enjoy!
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