Chef Sofia Gallo

Sofia's interest in food goes back to learning how to make fresh pasta on her nonna's knee. Originally from the Unesco National Park of Cilento, in Southern Italy, she now enjoys living in Buckinghamshire with her family. 
She's been living her passion for passing on Italian traditions, teaching Milton Keynes Cookery School, and prides herself on working with multiple online platforms like Foodim, Five Dinners, Riso Gallo UK to do the same. She's the UK Ambassador for, and has added Cole&Mason and Zyliss to her portfolio. 
Her love of food saw her taking part in MasterChef UK 2021, wowing the judges with dishes that were "styled with class", winning the famous apron with her signature dish and making it to the Quarterfinals.


Sofia Gallo's A La Carte || 3-Course Vegan Meal For 2

MasterChef Sofia Gallo's A La Carte menu brings together all the bright and fresh flavours of winter into a glorious 3-course vegan meal. Starting with mushroom scallops and pea purée, then moving onto a celeriac steak with a salsa verde, and finishing with a deliciously creamy plant-based panna cotta, this meal redefines vegan fine dining. Cook 3 extraordinary dishes to impress, using only the finest ingredients and delivered directly to your door.

A 3-Course Vegan Culinary Extravaganza

Vegan Scallops and Pea Purée with a Vegan Bacon Crumb

This delicious way of using king oyster mushrooms will surprise you. The texture is very similar to scallops and pairing it with the sweet pea puree and bacon crumbs, is the perfect combination.

Celeriac Steak, Sautéed Mushrooms and Salsa Verde with Toasted Pinenuts

Celeriac is an underrated vegetable. Its celery aniseed flavour is perfect for the pungent salsa verde. Add some crunch with pinenuts and finish with sauteed mushrooms.

Vanilla Panna Cotta and Mango Pulp

A dairy free variation of an Italian classic, this pannacotta will have the perfect wobble for a light end to any meal. Easy to prepare in advance, just store in the fridge ready to be eaten.

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What is included in this recipe box?

This box includes everything you'll need to create this extraordinary 3-course vegan meal. All ingredients come from first-class suppliers of only the highest quality, and are delivered fresh to your door. Each box also comes with a complimentary bottle of wine.

Who is Sofia Gallo?

Chef Sofia Gallo gained international recognition when she competed in BBC's MasterChef UK in 2021, reaching the quarterfinals. Her cooking, bringing inspiration from her Southern Italian origins, has brought her wide renown. She's worked with several online food platforms, and is proud to be launching chefs for foodies' first A La Carte Recipe Box.

What is A La Carte?

A La Carte recipe boxes deliver everything you need to create a full 3-course meal, with a signature set menu by one of our chefs. This differs from our standard recipe boxes, which contain the ingredients and instructions for a single course.