Chef Daniel Galmiche

Chef Daniel Galmiche is recognised for his expertise in French cuisine, bringing a contemporary twist to traditional dishes. Originating from France, he has a rich culinary background that combines classic French cooking techniques with a modern approach, emphasising sustainability and the use of locally-sourced ingredients. 

Galmiche has held positions in several prestigious kitchens around the world and is particularly noted for his success in the UK, where he has earned Michelin stars at various restaurants. His cooking style is often described as accessible yet refined, allowing the natural flavours of the food to shine through. He is also known for his commitment to environmental issues within the culinary world, advocating for responsible sourcing and minimal waste.
In addition to his work in restaurants, Daniel Galmiche has contributed to the culinary world through his writing. He has published several cookbooks that reflect his cooking philosophy, offering recipes that are both sophisticated and achievable for home cooks. These books not only showcase his culinary skills but also his desire to share his passion for French cuisine with a broader audience.

Galmiche's influence extends beyond the kitchen through his appearances on television and contributions to culinary publications, where he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for French cooking with people around the globe. Through his work, Daniel Galmiche continues to inspire both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of French cuisine.