Chef Aman Lakhiani


Chef Aman Lakhiani, a passionate culinary artist with Indonesian roots and a deep love for Japanese cuisine, embarked on a vibrant journey that led him to the creation of Junsei, a yakitori restaurant in London that aspires to embody purity and simplicity in its offerings. Opening its doors amidst the pandemic in June 2021, Junsei seeks to provide a space of hope and healing through its culinary experience. The restaurant’s crane logo, inspired by Origami, symbolises hope and healing during difficult times. Chef Lakhiani and his team, including Chef Zach Farr, are dedicated to delivering a genuine yakitori experience, emphasizing a zero-waste ethos by skillfully using every part of the chicken, prepared and grilled over white hot binchotan charcoal, to create over 20 different skewer variations​​.