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Why are chefs for foodies so good?

We believe our recipe boxes really deliver something extra special:

Why are chefs for foodies different from other recipe box companies?

Chefs for foodies classes, recipes and recipe boxes are genuinely hosted, created and curated by some of the world’s best chefs using the very finest ingredients.

Why are chefs for foodies recipe boxes better than other boxes?

Chefs for foodies recipe boxes are curated by professional chefs using only the very best produce and ingredients, carefully measured, weighed, portioned, packed and delivered for you to plate a perfect restaurant quality dish. Your recipe box contains produce from hand-picked suppliers known for their exceptional quality, including the Queen's butcher Aubrey Allen.

Why should I choose chefs for foodies recipe boxes?

At chefs for foodies, we aim to give you a culinary experience like no other. That’s why our recipe boxes are chef-curated and contain the highest quality ingredients to offer you a very special dining event at home.

Will I really be taught by and able to interact with the chef?

We limit our live interactive classes to a maximum of 14 people per class where you chat to, and interact with the chef. For numbers more than 14 where you cook-along with the chef are equally as fun and educational, or you can choose our video tutorial option where you choose when you cook and at a pace that suits you.

What can chefs for foodies offer that I can’t get from my many recipe books?

Would you rather create a curry that’s been made up by a faceless company, or learn how to cook a signature dish with an expert Michelin-starred chef? Our chefs are bringing the bestsellers from their restaurants to our platform and revealing top trade secrets so you can enjoy authentic meals at home.

Are the ingredients and produce any good?

We use the best possible suppliers for all our ingredients including Aubrey Allen, the Queen’s butcher, for our meats. There is traceability with our products, from farm to your door step. Other recipe box suppliers won’t tell you where their meat comes from, but at chefs for foodies we care about being transparent and giving you restaurant-quality dining at home prepared by your own fair hands.

Does chefs for foodies offer value for money?

Our chef-curated, restaurant-quality recipes often contain lots of hard-to-find ingredients. Rather than buying 200 grams of a spice at the supermarket when you only need a teaspoon, we help you get exactly what you need and only charge you for that specific amount. The more portions you buy, the cheaper it gets. Easy.

Will there be any food wastage?

You receive the exact amount of ingredients for your recipe, so nothing is wasted. You won’t be throwing away tubs of unused allspice six months later!

Does chefs for foodies offer a good variety of options?

You can choose a different chef-approved meal every day of the week. From Rohit Ghai’s Michelin-starred curry on a Monday, to French fine dining with Michelin-starred Daniel Galmiche at the weekend, with pizza, gnocchi and Japanese cuisine in between!

Is ordering a chef live class and recipe box with chefs for foodies easy?

Ordering with chefs for foodies couldn’t be easier, whether booking a class, where you receive your booking confirmation, zoom link, ingredients and recipe method; with your recipe box delivered by DPD a day or two prior to the class.

How does chefs for foodies organise an online party, cook-along or corporate event?

Chefs for foodies can take care of everything from building your special private event page and invitations, cater to dietary and allergen requests, either choose one of our chef signature dishes or request your favourite dish with a twist. All recipe boxes are then carefully prepared and sent by DPD with delivery alerts to ensure your box is delivered on time and when you’re going to be in. Chefs for foodies has organised large corporate events, birthday parties and intimate date night dinners.

Do I have to buy a subscription?

You can choose to order a single recipe box and class or you can choose to have a weekly or monthly subscription that can you can start or stop at any time.

Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver UK nationwide but unfortunately, we are currently unable to deliver across the sea and to some remote areas. We use DPD for all of our deliveries to offer the ability to track your deliveries from dispatch to doorstep.

When are you able to deliver my recipe box?

We ship Tuesday to Saturday; however, the Saturday specific delivery request may have an additional charge. If we need to engage with a specialist delivery company for those very remote locations this could again have an additional charge.

Will I need any specialist equipment to prepare the meal?

Chefs for foodies provides a list of all equipment needed for your class. If you need to buy any specialist equipment just head to the chefs for foodies shop where you will find some of our partners with great value offers on utensils and equipment.

What if my box arrives and its damaged or any of the ingredients have leaked or broken open?

We try and ensure everything is packed to perfection and can the recipe box can take a few blows but in the very rare situation where someone has played footie with your box, please contact us immediately and we will try and fix the issue as quickly as possible

How will the produce and ingredients be packed?

Chefs for foodies takes great care in measuring each and every ingredient in recyclable sealed ingredients bags. The perishable items will be in compartment with freeze bags and separate from the fresh items. Please ensure you put the perishable items directly into the fridge as soon as you receive them. Each step of the recipe will be clearly labelled as kit 1, kit 2, kit 3 etc.

Do I need to prepare anything before cooking?

Please check the recipe and method card as there may be some preparation needed, for example some of the meats may need to be marinaded. Do get all your ingredients ready before your class so you’re prepared for either your interactive live or cook-along video.

Will I get a copy of the recipe and method card?

When you book with chefs for foodies you will receive the recipe and method card with your email confirmation but also a printed version inside the recipe box.

What cookery skill levels will I need?

Any level of skill is fine, chefs for foodies prepares each recipe box with specially prepared steps and some elements are pre-prepared kits so you can add the spices and ingredients when either asked to by the chef or when specified on the method card.

Do you cater for dietary requirements or allergens?

We make every effort to accommodate any dietary requirements, so please specify this at time of booking in the notes. If there are any questions or issues then one of the chefs for foodies team will contact you directly to discuss.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any customers with severe allergies, as most of our products are prepared and/or packed within environments that handle all allergens. Please email info@chefsforfoodies.com for further information.

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