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illy CLASSICO roast Americano Ground Coffee 250 g

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The CLASSICO from illy, featuring a unique 100% Arabica blend, delivers a nuanced taste profile with delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine, culminating in a sweet aftertaste. It's the perfect choice for anyone seeking a coffee experience characterized by a smooth, velvety taste.

Espresso serves as a multi-sensory awakening. It begins as a feast for the eyes with its thick, unbroken hazelnut-hued crema, adorned with darker brown tiger stripes. The visual allure is followed by an aromatic tease, rich with sweet and complex notes of chocolate, toast, honey, and caramel, promising a special experience. The taste confirms the anticipation: sweet, velvety, and full-bodied, with a fleeting hint of bitterness that appears and then disappears, completing the exquisite sensory journey.

Singular Sensational

We have the capacity to present you with every conceivable region, roast, and blend available. However, we prefer to provide you with the perfect one instead. Thus, we've dedicated eighty years to perfecting a unique, signature blend that has gained worldwide acclaim as the epitome of coffee excellence.