01. Sustainable & ethically-sourced produce
By using top-quality suppliers, we can guarantee that everything we send you is ethically sourced and good for the planet.
02. Recyclable & reusable & vegan-friendly
Every component of our boxes is recyclable, and a lot of it is reusable too. Unlike many recipe boxes, we only use completely vegan packaging.
03. Delivery with low carbon emissions
We deliver our boxes to you with DPD's Clean, Green Delivery, to mitigate the carbon emissions of each of our boxes.

Prioritising Sustainability

Ethical & sustainable sourcing

We work with the UK's best suppliers to ensure we can always trace the origins of our ingredients. This means we know our meats our ethically produced and our vegetables are local as often as possible.

Clean, Green Delivery

One of the many reasons we use DPD for all of our deliveries is that they are supremely dedicated to mitigating the cost of their deliveries on the environment. In 2021, they delivered 2.1b parcels worldwide – which is why it's so important for them to take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

DPD have reduced their CO2 emissions per parcel by 18.8% since 2013 and will reach 30% by 2025, when their delivery vehicles in Europe’s 350 largest cities will be 100% low-emission. Electric vehicles, mini-depots, measuring air-quality, planting trees, recyclable packaging, using solar power and avoiding landfill are just a few of the things DPD is doing to promote sustainability that we love.

Recyclable & reusable packaging

Once your box gets to you, there's no need to worry about waste. All of our packaging – from the box itself to each ingredient container to all the insulation and ice packs – is recyclable, and a lot of it is reusable too.

In fact, recyclability is our number one priority when it comes to our packaging, as well as making sure that all of our box packaging is completely vegan. Unlike some food companies, we use 100% cardboard insulation to keep our boxes cool instead of wool.

Our ice packs are easy to dispose of as they're completely non-toxic. In fact – plants love them! Once completely defrosted, just cut open your ice packs and pour them into your plant pots to give your leafy friends a little boost.

Contributing to our community

Sustainability doesn't just mean protecting the environment, it also means making the community around us a better place. We're in a position to help, and so we have the responsibility to do so.

We're based in London, which has the highest rate of homelessness in the UK. We decided to team up with StreetSmart, a charity established in 1998 that has since then raised over £10.3 million for homeless and vulnerable people across the UK. They work with restaurants to support homeless charities around the country, providing homeless people with accommodation, training schemes and jobs.

At checkout, we give our customers the option to donate a percentage of their order to StreetSmart. We're one of the few StreetSmart partners who pledge all year around – it's our way of helping to make a difference.