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Wondering What To Serve At A BBQ? – Chefs For Foodies

Wondering What To Serve At A BBQ? – Chefs For Foodies

Wondering what to serve at a BBQ ?  

With the summer rolling in any time now, it’s time to dust off the BBQ and get ready for some alfresco cooking, because BBQs are the best way to get family and friends together to enjoy delicious food, fresh air and sunshine.

Many people think that a BBQ is just chucking some meat on the grill, but there are endless experiences you can try. It’s time to seek new dishes, not just the same old hot dogs, or sausages or burgers – unless of course they are Wagyu Burgers and BBQ Sausages in our Premium BBQ Boxes

With a little help from the Chefs for Foodies tutorials, you can create Michelin-starred quality food all from the comfort of your own home, and garden! 

Whether you are craving a quick meal for two, a feast for four or buffet for 8 – or more – we have the perfect BBQ box for you. Chefs for Foodies has partnered with LANDMAN to deliver a five-star grill taste to your door. 

These new chef-curated BBQ recipe boxes are packed with high-quality ingredients, expertly sourced and delivered to your door, so you have everything you need to create a show-stopping smoky feast. All recipe boxes will come with a detailed digital method card and a bespoke video tutorial from the chefs. 

Chefs for Foodies BBQ range includes lamb koftas, spatchcocked poussin, vegan pulled burger, Japanese BBQ, Indian BBQ, pizza BBQ kits and many more.

BBQ Box recommendations 

The Flat Iron Steak BBQ kit comes with corn on the hob and hassleback potatoes - the perfect side dishes to create a simple but show-stopping BBQ dish, using top-quality flat iron steak that will sing for itself. 

Using top-quality lamb from our butcher, C. Lidgate, the Lamb Koftas BBQ Kit will teach you how to season and grill perfectly. It is paired with classic Greek sides including feta cheese and plain yogurt, making a delicious summer salad. 

BBQ Vegan Kebab and Cherry Tomato Pizza Kit is a play on your typical street kebab, using eatplanted vegan kebab meat, combined with red onion and cherry tomatoes to deliver an authentic Turkish taste. 

The Mediterranean Fish Parcels & Flatbreads BBQ Kit gives a different way of preparing fish fillets prepared with a Mediterranean twist. Yoghurt flatbread prepared two ways, simple with a garlic butter and coriander and filled with cheese and spring onions. 

Learn how to cook this Japanese Yuan Chicken & Grilled Potato Kushiyaki with Mentaiko Mayo BBQ Kit focusing on big, bold Asian flavours. Combine Yuan Chicken, marinated in citrus and soy, with the umami taste of Chilli Miso, and served with a side of perfect crispy and fluffy potatoes. 

Further compliment your recipe kit with a perfectly paired bottle of Italian wine, add a dessert from our very own bakery and we can even send the coffee

BBQ Tips and Tricks 

Charcoal Choice

Lump Charcoal is fast lighting with around 60 minutes of burn time, so a good choice if you are cooking different meats. Briquettes burn for up to three hours at a consistent temperature, making them ideal for grilling roast joints.

Depending what type of tree it has come from, Charcoal can infuse different flavours into your meat; if it is created from oak trees, it can release subtle smoky caramel tones, while charcoal from orange wood carries a deep marmalade flavour to compliment duck, chicken and turkey really nicely.

Soak oak wood chips in water, drain and put them on the hot coals when you are ready to barbecue. The water will create steam which sends a splendid oaky flavour up into the meat.

The grill effect 

Ever wondered how to get those perfect criss-crosses on your meat? We recommend the 10 to 2 method; divide your cooking time into 4, look at your grill as if it is a clock, place your meat at 10 o'clock, then move to 2 o'clock, then flip and do the same- the perfect formula ! 

Room temp rule 

Take fish or raw meat out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before putting on the BBQ grill. This gives it long to get to room temperature and lose its fridge chill. If the meat is too cold when it hits the grill, it could burn on the outside before it's cooked through. This is especially important with chicken, sausages and any other pork , and if you like your burgers and steaks rare. 

Make your grill non-stick 

To prevent the frustrating grill-stick problem, all you need is a potato cut in half and a fork. Stab the fork into the potato then rub the cut side back and forth on the grill when it's hot several times - you should hear a satisfying sizzling sound to let you know your non-stick grill is ready to go. 

Run out of firelighters ?! Just throw some tortilla chills on the grill (and a few in your mouth). They make fantastic BBQ kindling! 

Smoke without a smoker 

Easily achieve a smoked finish with your normal grill by making a “smoker pouch” out of heavy, strong aluminium foil. Fold the foil into a makeshift envelope, add drained soaked wood chips and fold the pouch up tight. Poke a couple of holes into the foil which let the smoke out and then put the pack under the grill grate. Et voilà, you have a smoker.

Keeping the bugs at bay 

To keep the pesky pest off your delicious cooked food, all you need to do is throw some cloves on your table. Flies and their friends hate the subtle scent of cloves, and they won’t affect the air around your food like citronella.

Weather warning 

Finally, be prepared for the weather to turn at any time! If you check the forecast, and it looks temperamental, have your oven prepped and griddle pans ready to finish off just in case of a sudden downpour.

Ready to BBQ? 

There are eleven different boxes to choose from in the LANDMANN range, each packed full of BBQ flavour and deliciousness. From Spatchcock poussin with Asian inspired slaw and gourmet fries to Lamb Koftas in Flatbread served with Tzatziki and Greek Salad or to turn up the heat BBQ Spicy Sausage & Padron Peppers Pizza to Sarson Jheenga (Mustard flavoured Wild Tiger Prawns) & Achari Tandoori aloo (Potatoes & Cauliflower), and much more! They start at just £12.50 per person.

To click here find out more or buy your box. 

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DPD will deliver your recipe box directly to your door with everything perfectly portioned and clearly labelled with tracking enabled.

Working with industry-leading suppliers, Chefs For Foodies is proud to offer recipe boxes of unrivalled quality. We select who we work with based on reputation, accolades – and above all taste.


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