April 27th Is Stop Food Waste Day

April 27th Is Stop Food Waste Day - Chefs For Foodies

Happy Stop Food Waste Day, foodies!

Did you know that 33% of all food produced around the world each year is wasted or lost, and 8% of annual greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste? These are massive numbers, and show that food wastage has a massive impact on not only the climate but all of our lives.

Stop Food Waste Day is all about looking at what steps you’re doing to to prevent wasting food on your own household, and looking around at others for inspiration at how you can do better. We thought we’d take the opportunity to look at what we’re doing to minimise food wastage right here at chefs for foodies!

One of the ways that we make sure to prevent food waste is to carefully measure and pack each ingredient for every box so that we send our foodies exactly as much as they need – no more, no less. This means that when cooking your dish, you don’t have to throw away and spare fresh ingredients, and you don’t have to go out and buy more than you need to make up any difference. This is a big part of our ethos, making learning to cook as easy and sustainable as it can be.

You’ve probably seen our big pre-order campaigns for events like Christmas and Easter. We love putting together our event boxes, and we love sending them out to you – pre-orders help up do that with as little waste as possible. Because we know exactly how many orders we’ll be shipping in advance, we can order exactly as much of each ingredient as we need from our suppliers, meaning that we never have more than we need in our kitchens. We'll also be working very soon with the charity City Harvest, to donate to help feed vulnerable people around the UK with any left over food that we do happen to be left with.

Perhaps not food waste-related, but we’re also super dedicated to minimising our waste in other areas as well. All of our packaging is recyclable (and vegan! But that’s a blog post for another time…), and a lot of it is reusable too. That means that we’re doing as much as we can to keep our business sustainable. We also use DPD’s Clean, Green Delivery, to reduce CO2 emissions in our deliveries.

We’ve loved looking at what we and other people are doing to reduce food waste today. What are you doing to reduce your own food waste at home?