Chef Fernando Baena

Professional Chef

Hailing from a little Venezuelan state known as Vargas, Fernando Baena began cooking in the country’s capital, Caracas, at the age of 16. Here he had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of key industry figures that broadened his horizons.

Baena developed his career with an apprenticeship at Martin Berasategui, a restaurant with three Michelin stars in Lasarte-Oria, Spain. He later joined the team at a notable restaurant in Bogota before transferring to Guadalajara to work at Magno Brasserie. After six months, he was given the opportunity to open Mi Amor in Tulum. He then began consulting for a group in Finland before returning to Magno Brasserie as Head Chef.

Currently Head Chef at Bravo, an authentic Mexican restaurant, he creates high-quality Mexican cuisine with a unique Venezuelan twist.