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Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day!

The weather's getting colder and the October nights are starting to draw in – but inside the chefs for foodies kitchens, it couldn't be brighter. We're celebrating World Chocolate Cupcake day! 

They're a tasty treat everyone likes (or, at least, we've never met anyone who doesn't!) but did you know that the baking of cupcakes goes back to the 1700s?

The earliest documented cup-baked cakes were in the 1798 volume 'American Cookery' by one Amelia Simmons – though her recipe was a little different to the ones we use today. As well as nutmeg, currants and cinnamon, she called for rosewater and a glass of wine! Quite the tipple.

To celebrate Amelia Simmons's cracking comestibles, we're taking today to make a few of our own non-traditional cupcakes.

It's chocolate, it's in a cup, but why should it have to be a cake? Our Bitter Chocolate Mousse is rich, creamy and perfectly delicious. If you prefer something a little healthier, perhaps try our vegan Chocolate & Orange Mousse, topped with a nutty crumble.

In celebration of Halloween coming up at the end of the month, we've come up with our Monster Cupcakes – with decorative sugar eyes, colourful icing and packed with spiced vanilla flavouring, we think Ms. Simmons would be proud.

Looking for something more conventional? It is Chocolate Cupcake Day, after all! Why not try our Chocolate Cupcake Cookalong? On the first Saturday of every month, Chef Silvia Leo hosts a fantastic cookalong that will teach you how to make the best chocolate cupcakes you've ever had. Perfect for kids and beginner adults!

However you choose to celebrate today – whether traditionally or not – spare a thought for Amelia Simmons. Without her culinary knowledge 223 years ago, the world might be a much less delicious place.

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