From Screen to Table...

From Screen to Table... - Chefs For Foodies

I don't know about you, but here at chefs for foodies, our favourite thing about the new Animal Crossing 2.0 update that came out last Wednesday was the ability to cook your own DIY Recipes!

There's loads of great things you can cook now in the game, but it's given us a bit of an appetite for real food! So we've taken a look through our catalogue and come up for four of our favourite recipes that you can cook both in Animal Crossing and with our recipes!

1. Organic Bread

Fresh bread, still warm from the oven, is something that can't be replicated – which is probably why the whole country got sourdough-fever during the lockdowns last year. Why not make some now with chef-nutritionist KitchenJoy's Pumpkin Seed & Hazelnut Rye Loaf?

2. Brown Sugar Cupcakes

Animal Crossing's Brown Sugar Cupcakes are so overwhelmingly cute – and seasonally appropriate too! Did you know that this November 10th is World Vanilla Cupcake Day? We're hosting a cupcake cookalong this Sunday in celebration, so join the fun and make some light, delicious treats. Lead by our own Chef Silvia Leo, we'll send you everything you need to make the best cupcakes you've ever tasted!

3. Pancakes

Pancake day isn't for another few months, but for those who just can't wait, why not try our fabulous Matcha Crepe Cake? Made using the same techniques as the traditional French mille feuille, the Japanese matcha flavour of this crepe cake brings together two flavour palettes from opposite sides of the world. Perfect for parties (or just a "treat yo' self" day), what's not to love?


4. Grilled Sea Bass with Herbs

Finally. It's time to get revenge on all those endless seabass you've been dredging up for the last 18 months. Try our ultimate, totally delicious Seabass, Samphire and Clams – all the tastes of the ocean in one extraordinarily tasty dish. If you think you don't like seafood, this is the one plate that'll make you change your mind.

That's our top 4 – what are yours? Comment down below to share!