Discover the La Marzocco Home App

Discover the La Marzocco Home App - Chefs For Foodies

Founded in 1927, La Marzocco has spent almost a century creating impeccably crafted espresso machines. Favoured by independent coffee shops and bean-to-cup connoisseurs alike, La Marzocco recently launched an app aimed at home baristas that can be used in conjunction with its Linea Mini and GS3 machines.

 While using the app, your phone screen mirrors the display of your machine, allowing you to adjust the coffee boiler temperature, set up personalised pre-brewing and an automatic on/off schedule. It even provides users with an automatic shot timer to get their brewing down to a fine art. The news section of the app is filled with added value content including FAQs and tutorials, which will help inspire and educate caffeine fans.

La Marzocco

 After shifting a host of brand activities online in 2020, La Marzocco has built up an engaged community of coffee lovers and continues to inform and excite newcomers and established members alike via online consultations and training sessions on social media. With the doors of the La Marzocco showroom set to reopen in April, it won’t be long before new customers can test drive the various La Marzocco machines in person. Until then, check out the brand’s online store and social media channels and join its growing community of coffee devotees.