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Best Recipe Boxes UK (2022 FAQs)

Best Recipe Boxes UK (2022 FAQs)

Have you considered ordering  a recipe box that delivers meal kits straight to your door? While there’s no shortage of recipe box subscription services for foodies to choose from, few bring anything new to the table. If you want more than a box-standard meal kit, our reimagination of the recipe box experience, born during the pandemic lockdown, may appeal.

Best Recipe Boxes UK (Try Chefs For Foodies)

Our chef-curated recipe boxes are jam-packed with the highest quality ingredients to bring you a truly unique culinary experience.. You can either book a live chef-led interactive class or watch one of our pre-recorded cook-along videos.

This refreshing approach to meal kit deliveries will introduce some fun back into your kitchen and get you cooking with ingredients you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. If you are interested in learning new skills and techniques in the kitchen, our handpicked chefs will show you how to prepare their delicious signature dishes and take your cooking to the next level.

Interactive cook-along classes are the perfect activity to bring friends and family together in the kitchen. The flexibility of choosing between method cards and interactive videos in our recipe boxes allows subscribers to cook at a pace that suits them. Naturally, some foodies are more confident with their cooking skills in the kitchen than others, and our boxes account for this.

No matter your technical ability in the kitchen, our easy-to-follow cook-along videos, led by some of the best chefs in the UK, will give foodies the confidence to experiment with new ingredients and impress friends and family with exciting new dishes. Our quality recipe boxes come fully loaded with everything you need to hit the ground running in the kitchen.

Why order Chefs For Foodies recipe boxes and cards?

Here are just a few reasons to consider ordering recipe boxes and cards:

  • Reduce waste with precisely portioned ingredients.
  • Bring friends and family together for an interactive activity.
  • Ease stress and tension after a long day at work.
  • Generate excitement around dinner time with friends and family.
  • Gain confidence by learning professional skills and techniques.
  • Explore your creativity with new cooking ingredients in the kitchen.

Recipes boxes and cards are taking the nation by storm. During the pandemic lockdown, people had more time to explore their passion for cooking and love of good food. As part of our desire to support professional chefs as their restaurants closed during the pandemic, we launched Chefs For Foodies to completely reinvent the standard meal kit delivery box experience.

Before the emergence of Chefs For Foodies, recipe box subscribers were often left disappointed by meal kit deliveries. Our mission has been to spice things up with unforgettable experiences. When paired with chefs doing what they love, our recipe box subscribers can ignite their passion for cooking through interactive video classes and the use of expertly-sourced ingredients.

Recipe boxes and cards are a no-brainer for anyone with a genuine passion for food. If you’re a curious foodie with a desire to learn how to make new dishes, our chefs are bursting with energy and will bring plenty of excitement into your kitchen. Our game-changing approach to recipe boxes has helped countless people rediscover their love of great food.

What makes good recipe card boxes?

Good recipe card boxes offer a sense of intrigue and surprise with just how easy it is to make incredible meals. It all comes down to having access to guidance on how to utilise different ingredients. This is why our chef-led cooking classes are a smash-hit. These give our fans the confidence they need to break new ground in their kitchens.

Video content adds a new dimension to the traditional recipe box experience and engages new cooks in an altogether different way. When you’re trying to learn new cooking skills and techniques, you can only get so far with written content that’s accompanied by a few images. Our video cook-alongs make it easy for anyone to cook delicious meals every time.

Where can you find vegan recipe boxes?

Our recent partnership with eatplanted has enabled us to deliver vegan recipe boxes for you to enjoy with friends and family. eatplanted is one of the most highly respected meat-alternative brands on the market. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to provide subscribers with vegan meal kits that show you can go meat-free and still enjoy every meal.

Eatplanted amassed a significant following in Switzerland for their peat-based meat alternatives. We have leveraged their expert knowledge to deliver a delicious vegan burger kit. This meal kit is packed with everything you need to make yourself an out-of-this-world burger. The best bit? The recipe box only contains 100% natural ingredients with zero additives.

Alongside our vegan burger kit, we also have the following recipes boxes available to order:

Our expertly-crafted vegan recipe boxes are designed to offer the wow factor and take vegan cooking to a whole new level. The recipe boxes are equally enjoyed by meat-lovers looking for something a little different as part of a special, one-off meal.

Best Recipe Boxes UK (How To Get Started)

Chefs For Foodies has made it easier than ever to access quality recipe boxes. With the support of interactive cook-along classes led by some of the most highly-regarded chefs in the business, our recipe boxes promise to deliver unforgettable experiences in the kitchen. If you’re ready to find out more, why not take a look at our Valentine’s Day Special?

Our Beef Wellington recipe box provides everything you need to enjoy this classic British centrepiece for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner - with an interactive class led by chef Silvia Leo. Each box comes with a bottle of award-winning wine and a fun game for couples to play.
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