Bake a cake for Children In Need this year!

Bake a cake for Children In Need this year! - Chefs For Foodies

The BBC's annual Children In Need telethon is coming up this Friday, so we thought we'd do out part for charity.

For three of our most popular cakes, the Matcha Crepe Mille Cake, the Russian Honey Cake, and the Napoleon Cake, we're donating 20% of the recipe boxes' prices to BBC Children In Need.

  • The Matcha Crepe Mille Cake is a fusion of some of Japan's best flavours with the delights of French dessert cuisine. Beautifully thin pancakes layered with cream and fresh, quality matcha.
  • The Russian Honey Cake is a popular dessert all over Russia, the Baltics and Eastern Europe. It consists of several honey dough layers with light vanilla cream in between to create a light, moreish cake you will want to make again and again. It's so addictive, you will want to have it all the time.
  • The Napoleon Cake was invented by Russian patissieres to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Napoleon's defeat in 1812, and it's become a staple of Slavic festive fare. Deliciously thin layers of cripsy pastry, spread with light custard, this cake is one for the history books.

Bake these cakes to sell to raise money yourself, or just to enjoy at home as you watch the telethon! And know that together we're helping to make the lives of kids all over the UK better.