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Why chefs for foodies?

Our recipe kits are chef-curated 
and contain the highest quality ingredients.

Chef Created Recipe Kits

Choose your kit and we’ll send you a top-quality method and ingredients to create your delicious dish

High Quality Ingredients

We source all our ingredients from only the highest quality suppliers, to ensure that you get the very best

Virtual Masterclasses

Watch our expert professional chefs teach you how to create amazing dishes on in your own kitchen

Experience your chefs for foodies recipe box

Choose your authentic Italian pizza kits

Experience a chefs for foodies pizza kit by Pizza Master Ricardo Arias


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Ready Made Pizza Dough Balls - Sourdough 12 Pcs

Authentic dough that creates a stunning pizza base

$80.00 from £23.50
Double Pepperoni Pizza Serves 4 People

Mix And Match Our Most Popular Pizzas

Mix and match your pizzas for the ultimate pizza night!

$80.00 from £39.95
Vegetariana Pizza Serves 2 People

Vegetariana Pizza

Mushroom, bell peppers, red onion and olives create a vegetarian dream

£24.50 £24.50
Quorn Double Pepperoni Pizza Serves 2 People

Quorn Double Pepperoni Pizza

Twice the vegan pepperoni on a bed of plant-based cheese

Diavola Pizza Kit Serves 2 People

Diavola Pizza

Spicy salami, red onion and chilli flakes – ideal for spice-lovers

Quorn Diavola Pizza Serves 2 People

Quorn Diavola Pizza

This spicy beast turns up the fire with red onion, chilli and Quorn pepperoni

Quattro Stagioni Pizza Serves 2 People

Quattro Stagioni Pizza

Four seasonal with – ham, artichokes, sausage and mushrooms

Margherita Pizza Serves 2 People

Margherita Pizza

Our authentic margherita, with creamy mozzarella and fresh basil

Double Pepperoni Pizza Serves 2 People

Double Pepperoni Pizza

Double the pepperoni and rich mozzarella on a tomato base

Double Pepperoni Pizza Serves 2 People

Parma Ham & Wild Rocket Pizza

Traditional Italian ham with fresh, peppery rocket


Just want the dough? No problem.

Order artisinal Italian dough balls direct to your door

Napoletana, Sourdough, Romana or Gluten Free dough.

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Do You Have a
Deep Sleep?

Restaurant-quality dough
Achieve pizza perfection like a professional with the highest quality dough

Authentic Italian Caputo Tipo 00 flour
Our dough uses the very best Italian flour to create the ideal artisanal pizza

Napoletana, Sourdough, Romana or Gluten Free dough
Choose from four options for a light, airy crust with a crispy bite

Order 12, 24, 36 or 48 dough balls
Stock up for your pizza party, or bring pizza to your cafe or restaurant

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

After you've ordered your pizza kit, we'll send you a confirmation email. We'll get to work putting together your box using only the best ingredients, and ship it out to you using DPD's Clean Green Delivery. You'll be able to track your order as soon as it leaves our kitchen (we recommend you download DPD's app to track and divert your order if you're not in). Once your box arrives, you can follow Chef Ricardo Arias's video guide or the digital instructions we'll send you, and create an awesome pizza extravaganza.

Will my pizza look like your photos?

Due to natural variation in produce, photographs may not exactly visually match the outcome of your own box. Pizza throwing takes some skill, so your base may not come out perfectly round the first try, but it will still taste just as amazing as ours

When will my box arrive?

You can choose your delivery date at checkout.

What's included in my box?

Your pizza box will include everything you need to cook an authentic Italian pizza, including dough balls (you can pick from Neopolitan, sourdough and gluten free), flour for dusting, our classic Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella (either vegan or standard) and your toppings, all measured in the perfect quantities to create a vertiable pizza feast.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We endeavour to source the highes-quality ingredients available to us. In the past, this has included award-winning sauce and condiments, restaurant-quality vegetables and meats from C. Lidgate's, butcher to the stars. Many of our boxes have the details of our suppliers on their pages, so check out them out to see exactly what you'll be getting! You can also email us at if you have any specific questions about our suppliers. We love telling people about our top-quality produce and the fantastic suppliers we work with.

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