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Garlic Bread - Chefs For Foodies

Garlic Bread

Make your own crispy garlic bread, ideal for the side of any Italian dish.  
For 2 People
Gourmet French Fries - Chefs For Foodies

Gourmet French Fries / Kraft Paper Bag 2000ml / Label size: L

The classic salty side. Everything tastes better with an extra plate of chips. Vegan friendly & gluten-free.PLEASE ALWAYS FOLLOW THE PACKAGE SIZE WHEN PREPARING BOXES.
Box for 4 People, 400g
Curly Fries - Chefs For Foodies

Curly Fries

Just like regular fries – but better. Seasoned with spices and ready to cook to perfection. Vegan friendly.
Box for 4 People
Sweet Potato Fries - Chefs For Foodies

Sweet Potato Fries

The cooler, healthier cousin of the standard French fry. The perfect side for when regular chips just won’t do. Vegan friendly & gluten-free.
Box For 4 People